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the growing art collective


The Mission...

There are millions of unique voices that process and tackle problems in innovative ways. The mission of the growing art collective is to ask artists and art practitioners from underrepresented communities questions and provide them a platform to tackle these issues based on their own ideas, knowledge, and lived experiences. 


We believe that listening to diverse voices allows our audience to learn from individuals they may not have the chance to engage with on a regular basis, and, as a result, grow from these conversations. 

the growing art collective creates community and conversation through art.

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Meet the Curator...

Neaco Fox (she/her, they/them)

Artist & Activist based in Phoenix, AZ

Neaco completed her B.A. in Theatre (Design and Production) from Arizona State University and wrote an Honors Thesis titled "A Study on the Lack of Diversity within the Design and Technical Field of Theatre". Neaco has a passion for equity, diversity, and inclusion work, especially in the art industry. In her free time, Neaco enjoys paddling in the dragon boat community and experimenting with watercolors!



Instagram: @neacofox 

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